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      日期:2021-10-17 06:56
      1 The Most Frequent Error Messages Involving the
      Revolver Head(包括旋轉軸在內的經常性錯誤)
      1.1     0008 "RV/D axis: target position not reached"(目標位置未到達)
      In case of errors on only one segment: 1
      Cause: Sleeve, segment or incremental disk is contaminated; sleeve turns sluggishly in the
      Remedy: Exchange sleeve for one that has been cleaned and clean the segment.
      In case of errors on a number of segments:
      Cause: O-ring of DP-station defective or contaminated
      Remedy: Clean or, if necessary, exchange O-ring of the DP-station 1
      Cause: DP-station defective   原因:DP軸損壞
      Remedy: Exchange DP-station 1方法:更換DP
      Cause: DP station is not functioning
      Remedy: 1方法:
      – Check that the connectors are seated securely (and ensure that the cables are laid
      correctly) 檢查連接器連接是否安全固定(確保連線正確安裝)
      – Exchange DP station (exchanged turning stations which turn out not to be faulty must be
      exchanged back again). 更換DP
      Cause: The scanning unit on the turning station is faulty 掃描系統(照相機)在旋轉處出錯。
      Remedy: Exchange the scanning unit 1方法:更換掃描系統
      Immediately after exchanging the head or removing the star: 1
      Cause: Incorrect zero point correction of the star
      Remedy: Check zero point correction of the star and re-adjust if necessary.
      0038    "S-axis: required position not reached"S軸需要達到的位置未達到
      Cause: Star jams or gets hung up. Valve sleeve sluggish or not in the correct end position in
      the valve chamber.
      Remedy: Push valve sleeve to stop. Exchange sluggish valve sleeve and, if necessary, clean
      the valve chamber. 1
      Cause: Star hard to turn. Star brake contaminated.
      Remedy: Clean and lightly grease the star brake. 1
      Cause: Sleeve not engaged.軸不能使用。
      Remedy: Make certain that sleeve correctly seated. 方法:確定其是否正確固定。1
      Cause: Components in the circular guide.元件總是循環動作
      Remedy: Remove components. 方法:移開元件。1
      Cause: Star motor defective.星型馬達損壞
      Remedy: Exchange star motor. 方法:更換星型馬達。1
      Cause: Mechanical defect in Z-axis. Mechanical transitions from circular guide to the jaw
      (catch) are out of adjustment.Z軸上運動的過失造成。
      Remedy: Check mechanics of the Z-axis. Check by Service personnel; if necessary, exchange
      the head. 方法:檢查Z軸,若有必要,通過服務人員檢查,更換旋轉頭。1
      --> Flow diagram   生產過程圖解:
      1.3  95 Fiducial missing in position recognition 基準點位置不識別
      Machine error 0機器錯誤
      Possible causes 可能導致的原因
      _ The PCB clearance on the PCB conveyor is too great 在PCB傳送軌道上放的PCB板太大。
      _ The PCB was inserted incorrectly PCB放入不正確
      _ The PCB fiducial is dirty PCB的基準點臟了。
      Check position of PCB on conveyor 檢查傳送軌道上PCB的位置
      _ Open the protective cover         打開安全防護蓋;
      _ Check the position of the PCB     檢查PCB的位置;
      _ Place the PCB on the input belt    PCB放在傳送軌道上;
      _ Close the protective cover         關上安全防護蓋;
      _ Press the Start button             按下啟動按鈕;
      _In the 'Main view, click on the 'PCB transport' icon.    在主菜單中點擊PCB傳送圖標。
      _In the 'PCB transport' menu, click on the 'Transport functions' icon.
      _ using the 'Transport functions' menu, transport the PCB to the center belt
      Correct conveyor width   修正軌道寬度
       In the 'Main view', click on the 'PCB transport' icon 在主菜單中點擊PCB傳送圖標。
       In the 'PCB transport' menu, click on the 'Conveyor width' icon
        Use the 'Conveyor width' menu to reduce the width of the conveyor
       Click on the 'Main view' icon 點擊主菜單圖標
      Clean the PCB fiducial
      _ Open the protective cover 打開安全防護蓋
      _ Remove the PCB and check the fiducial 移開PCB并檢查基準點
      _ Carefully clean any oxidated fiducials with a fibreglass pin 用針小心清潔被氧化的基準點
      _ Make sure that the surface of the PCB is clean. 確定PCB表面已經被清潔干凈
      _ Place PCB on the input belt PCB放在傳送口
      _ Close the protective cover 關上安全防護門
      _ Press the Start button 按下啟動開關
      _ Use the 'Transport functions' menu to transport the PCB on the center belt (see above)
      1.4   229 The input conveyor sensor is not covered 輸入傳送感應器沒起作用
      Conveyor error   傳送錯誤
      Possible causes 可能導致原因
      _ Components are jammed in the conveyor or drive belt 元件在傳送中或驅動帶上被堵塞
      _ The PCB is jammed on the PCB conveyor PCB在傳送中被堵塞
      _ The sonar proximity switch has moved or is defective 傳感器被移動或則損壞
      _ The sonar proximity switch on the input belt of the next station has moved or is defective.
      Remove jammed component 0移開堵塞元件
      _ Press the Stop button 按下停止按鈕
      _ Open the protective cover 打開安全防護蓋
      _ Check the conveyor and remove any jammed components 檢查軌道并且移開堵塞元件
      _ Close the protective cover 關上安全防護蓋
      _ Press the Start button 按下啟動按鈕
      Correct conveyor width 正確設置軌道寬度
       In the 'Main view', click on the 'PCB transport' icon 在主菜單中點擊PCB傳送圖標。
       In the 'PCB transport' menu, click on the 'Conveyor width' icon
        Use the 'Conveyor width' menu to reduce the width of the conveyor
       Click on the 'Main view' icon 點擊主菜單圖標
      Check the sonar proximity switch 檢查感應器
       In the 'Main view', click on the 'PCB transport' icon 在主菜單中點擊PCB傳送圖標。
      _In the 'PCB transport' menu, click on the 'Transport functions' icon.
      From the ''Transport functions''menu, click on 'Refresh sensor state’ button The signal statuses of the conveyor belts will be displayed.
      1.5    230 The input conveyor sensor is not released 感應器沒有傳送信息
      Conveyor error 0傳送錯誤
      Possible causes 可能導致錯誤
      _ Components are becoming jammed in the conveyor or drive belt  元件在軌道上或皮帶上被堵塞。
      _ The PCB becomes jammed in the PCB conveyor PCB堵塞軌道
      Remove the jammed component 0移開堵塞元件
      _ Press the Stop button 按下停止按鈕
      _ Open the protective cover 打開安全防護蓋
      _ Inspect the conveyor and remove any jammed components  檢查軌道并且移開堵塞元件
      _ Close the protective cover 關閉安全防護蓋
      _ Press the Start button 按下啟動按鈕
      Correct conveyor width 正確設置軌道寬度
       In the 'Main view', click on the 'PCB transport' icon 在主菜單中點擊PCB傳送圖標。
       In the 'PCB transport' menu, click on the 'Conveyor width' icon
        Use the 'Conveyor width' menu to reduce the width of the conveyor
       Click on the 'Main view' icon 點擊主菜單圖標
      1.6   401 New nozzle configuration is required 新的吸嘴的配置需求
      Error in the head reference run 旋轉頭運行時的錯誤
      Machine error 機器錯誤
      Possible cause 可能導致原因
      The nozzle configuration differs from the configuration specified in the set-up.
       Click on the 'Stop processing' icon in the main view 在主菜單中點擊停止運行按鈕
       Click on the Gantry icon 點擊懸臂圖標
      1Click on the 'Revolver head nozzle configuration' icon 點擊旋轉頭吸嘴配置圖標
      Discard all the nozzles 拆下所有吸嘴
       Click on the 'Nozzle changer configuration' icon 點擊吸嘴更換配置圖標
       _ Click on the 'Open/close lock' button 點擊‘打開/關閉鎖住’按鈕
      _ Fill all the magazines with nozzles as described in the set-up specification
      _ Click on the 'Open/close lock' button 點擊‘打開/關閉鎖住’按鈕
      _ Click on the 'Confirm magazine' button 點擊‘確定吸嘴盒’按鈕
       Click on the 'Nozzle changer configuration' icon 點擊吸嘴更換配置圖標
      _ Click on the 'Pick up' button 點擊拾取按鈕
      _ Exit the menu 退到主菜單
       Click on the 'Processing' icon in the main view 在主菜單中點擊運行圖標
      1.7   694 Incorrect nozzle length 錯誤的吸嘴長度
      Error in the head reference run 旋轉頭運行時的錯誤
      General error 普通錯誤
      Possible cause 可能導致原因
      The nozzle length deviates from the optimum length by more than – 0.4 mm
       1Correcting the nozzle seating 吸嘴正確對位(見左圖)
      _ Wear protective gloves  帶上防護手套
      _ Hold the driving surface of the sleeve with your fingers (A) 用手指握住槽的表面(A步驟)
      _ Push the nozzle on as far as the stop and latch in place (B+C) 向下按住并且旋轉至停止位(BC步驟)
      Check the nozzle set-up on the revolver head using the line computer
      Option 1
      _ From the 'Control' box in the 'Desktop 'menu, click on the 'Job' menu in order to call up the 'Job control' menu. 從桌面菜單中選擇控制欄,在工作欄中點擊工作控制菜單
      _ In the 'Job list' box, click on the last job to be edited 在工作表對話框中,點擊*后編輯的工作名
      _ Click on the 'Services' option from the menu bar. The 'Services' drop-down menu will appear.
      _ Click on the 'Results' option. 在其中點擊結果選項
      _ Click on the 'Nozzle configuration' box. The nozzle configuration list will appear.
      Option 2
      _ In the File Manager, open the NC file of the PCB to be produced last
      _ Compare the nozzle configuration in this file with the configuration on the revolver head.
      _ Close the file 關閉文檔
      Changing the nozzle manually 0手動更換吸嘴
      _ Wear protective gloves 帶上防護手套
      _ Hold the tip of the nozzle and pull it from the sleeve (A)   在槽上將原吸嘴取下(A步驟)
      _ Hold the driving surface of the sleeve with your fingers (B)   用手指握住槽的表面(B步驟)
      _ Attach a new nozzle and latch in place (C+D)  裝上一個新的吸嘴并且旋緊C、D步驟)
      _ Press Start button 按下啟動開關
      (1) Sleeve (3) Latching groove 
      (2) Nozzle (4) Latching pin
      1.8  2173 "S-axis: counting error" 記數錯誤
      Cause: Encoder disk contaminated 原因:讀碼器磁道臟了
      Remedy: Clean the encoder disk 1方法:清潔讀碼器磁道
      Cause: dp station sending malfunction signals  原因:數據處理器發送錯誤信息
      Remedy: Exchange dp station 1方法:更換數據處理器
      Cause: Brake of star axis moves too easily  原因:軸剎移動太松
      Remedy: Exchange star brake. 1方法:更換軸剎
      Cause: Star motor defective 原因:星型馬達故障
      Remedy: Exchange star motor.1方法:更換星型馬達
      1.9   2209 "RV/Z axis: I rms current limiting"
      Cause: Wrong nozzle set up (wrong length) 原因:吸嘴安裝錯誤
      Remedy: Check nozzle configuration, set up correct nozzle ( as per current.ma). 1
      Cause: Light barrier Z bottom defective  原因:Z軸底部擋光板故障
      Remedy: Exchange light barrier Z bottom 1方法:更換Z軸底部擋光板
      Cause: Switching ring of the sleeve sluggish   原因:槽環動作遲緩
      Remedy: Exchange sleeve and do not re-use 1 方法:更換槽并且不能再使用
      Cause: Z-motor defective   原因:Z軸馬達故障
      Remedy: Exchange Z motor 1方法:更換Z軸馬達 
      Cause: Z axis jams 原因:Z軸堵塞
      Remedy: Check whether Z axis moves easily 1方法:檢查Z軸移動是否靈活
      Cause: Servo amplifier defective原因:伺服放大器故障
      Remedy: Exchange servo amplifier Z axis 1方法:更換Z軸伺服放大器
      Cause: Component in the Z toothed belt    原因:元件在Z齒帶上
      Remedy: Remove components from the belt of the Z axis, check Z-axis guide1
      1.10    2210 "RV/D axis: I rms current limiting"
      Cause: Sleeve is sluggish 原因:槽行動遲緩
      Remedy: Clean segment and sleeve, exchanging sleeve if necessary 1
      Cause: dp station defective   原因:數據處理器故障
      Remedy: Exchange dp station 1更換方法:更換數據處理器
      Cause: Servo amplifier dp axis defective 原因:數據處理軸的伺服放大器故障
      Remedy: Exchange servo amplifier dp axis 方法:更換伺服放大器
      1.11    2263 "S axis: jams during reference run"    運行時堵塞
      Cause: Star jams or hangs up. Valve sleeve sluggish or not in the correct end position in the
      valve casing. 原因:星型軸堵塞或則終止運行,槽行動緩慢或則無法到達指定位置
      Remedy: Push valve sleeve to stop. Exchange sluggish vale sleeves and/or clean valve casing.
      Cause: Star hard to turn. Star brake contaminated. 原因:星型旋轉困難,星型剎閥臟了
      Remedy: Clean star brake and apply light film of grease. 1方法:清潔并且涂上防護油
      Cause: Sleeve not engaged. 原因:槽不能運轉
      Remedy: Check for correct seating in sleeve. 1方法:檢查槽的記數是否正確。
      Cause: Components in the circular guide. 原因:元件卡在循環運行部分
      Remedy: Remove components. 1方法:移開元件
      Cause: Star motor defective. 原因:星型馬達故障
      Remedy: Exchange star motor. 1方法:更換星型馬達
      Cause: Mechanical defect in Z axis. Mechanical transitions circular guide to jaw (catch) out of adjustment.
      Remedy: Check mechanics of the Z axis. Check by Service personnel; possibly exchange of head.
      1.12   2264 "RV/Z axis: jams during reference run" 運行時堵塞
      Cause: Wrong nozzle set up (wrong length)原因:吸嘴安裝錯誤
      Remedy: Check nozzle configuration, set up correctd nozzle (asper current.ma). 1
      Cause: Light barrier Z bottom defective    原因:Z軸底部擋光板故障
      Remedy: Exchange light barrier Z bottom 1 方法:更換Z軸底部擋光板
      Cause: The sleeve switching ring does not move freely 原因:槽旋轉移動不靈活
      Remedy: Exchange the sleeve and do not re-use 1方法:更換槽并且不能再使用原槽
      Cause: Z motor defective 原因:Z軸馬達故障
      Remedy: Exchange Z motor 1方法:更換Z軸馬達 
      Cause: Z axis jams 原因:Z軸堵塞
      Remedy: Check that Z axis moves easily 1方法:檢查Z軸移動是否靈活
      Cause: Slight corrosion on the Z axis guide 原因:Z軸核心部分有微小侵蝕
      Remedy: Maintenance of the Z axis guide; oil every 4 months with special oil applicator (Item no. 00367071-01) (see Technical Information) 方法:用專用器械每四個月為Z軸上防護油
      Cause: Servo amplifier defective 原因:伺服放大器故障
      Remedy: Exchange servo amplifier Z axis 1方法:更換Z軸的伺服放大器
      Cause: Component in the Z toothed belt 原因:元件在Z齒帶上
      Remedy: Remove components from the belt for the Z axis; check Z axis guide
      1.13  2277 "RV: intervals between open and closed vacuum values too low"
      In case there are only faults on one segment:  以下僅僅只針對一個錯誤而言1
      Cause: Pipette contaminated, damaged, worn or wrong nozzle type
      Remedy: Exchange nozzle 1方法:更換吸嘴
      Cause: Sleeve contaminated 原因:槽被污染
      Remedy: Exchange sleeve 1方法:更換槽
      Cause: Valve sleeve, worn 原因:電子管破損
      Remedy: Exchange valve sleeve 1方法:更換電子管
      Cause: Valve casing defective, worn 原因:電子管外套有缺陷或則破損
      Remedy: Exchange valve casing 1方法:更換電子管外套
      Cause: Silicon hose defective 原因:硅管有缺陷
      Remedy: Exchange silicone hose 1方法:更換硅管
      In case of errors on a number of segments:  可能是多項原因導致1 可能是多項
      Cause: Distributor piece/disk contaminated and/or worn 原因:
      Remedy: Clean, check O-rings for damage, exchanging them if necessary. 1
      Cause: Total vacuum low or fluctuating 原因:總體的真空值太低或不穩定
      Remedy: Clean vacuum system; exchange venturi nozzles; exchange silencer; clean hoses.1
      Cause: Vacuum measuring board defective 原因:真空測量板有缺陷
      Remedy: Exchange vacuum measuring board  方法:更換真空測量板
      1.14  2277 RV: Intervals between open and closed vacuum values too low
      Error in head reference run 旋轉頭運行錯誤
      Machine error 機器錯誤
      Possible causes 可能導致的原因
      _ Nozzle dirty, damaged or of the wrong type 吸嘴臟了,被損壞或則上錯吸嘴類型
      _ If the error occurs with several nozzles, the silencer may be dirty.
      Check nozzle 檢查吸嘴
       Click on the 'Stop processing' icon in the main view在主菜單中點擊停止運行圖標
       Click on the Gantry icon 點擊懸臂圖標
       Click on the 'Revolver head nozzle configuration' icon 點擊旋轉頭吸嘴配置圖標
      Check whether the nozzle type agrees with type displayed in menu
      Replacing the nozzle with the nozzle changer 自動更換吸嘴0
      In the 'Revolver head nozzle configuration' menu, click on the 0在旋轉頭吸嘴配置菜單里點擊
      _ Discard nozzle    丟棄吸嘴
      _ Pick-up nozzle buttons. 拾取吸嘴按鈕
      Replacing the nozzle manually 0 手動更換吸嘴(參見前面圖示)
      _ Pace the segment with the defective nozzle to the change-over position
      _ Wear protective gloves 帶上防護手套
      _ Hold the tip of the nozzle and pull it from the sleeve (A) 在槽上將原吸嘴取下(A步驟)
      _ Hold the driving surface of the sleeve with your fingers (B) 用手指握住槽的表面(B步驟)
      _ Attach a new nozzle and latch in place (C+D) 裝上一個新的吸嘴并且旋緊C、D步驟)
      _ Acknowledge the change in the menu 確認吸嘴已經更換
      _ Exit the menu 退出菜單
      _ Press the Start button 按下啟動按鈕
      2277  RV: Intervals between open and closed vacuum values too low
      Error in head reference run 旋轉頭運行錯誤
      Machine error 機器錯誤
      Possible causes 可能導致的原因
      _ Nozzle dirty, damaged or of the wrong type 吸嘴臟了,被損壞或則上錯吸嘴類型
      _ If the error occurs with several nozzles, the silencer may be dirty.
      Changing the sleeve 0
      _ Pace the sleeve to the change-over position 將槽旋到可更換位置
      _ Change the sleeve (see Maintenance Instructions) 更換槽(參看維護手冊)
      _ Insert the sleeve, making sure that you feel it latch in place 再插入,確保插入到位
      _ Exit the menu 退出菜單
      _ Press the Start button 按下啟動按鈕
      Check valve plunger und guide sleeve 0檢查電子管活塞和導向軸套
      _ Remove the valve plunger (see error number 2452) 移下電子管活塞
      _ Use a 6 mm plastic brush to clean the guide sleeve of the valve 6mm的毛刷清潔電子管活塞
      _ Check the guide sleeve 檢查導向軸套
      _ Check, clean or replace the valve plunger 檢查,清潔或則更換電子管活塞(參見下圖)
      2277 RV: Intervals between open and closed vacuum values too low
      Error in head reference run 旋轉頭運行錯誤
      Machine error 機器錯誤
      Possible causes 可能導致的原因
      _ Nozzle dirty, damaged or of the wrong type 吸嘴臟了,被損壞或則上錯吸嘴類型
      _ If the error occurs with several nozzles, the silencer may be dirty.
      Replace silencer 0 更換消音器
      _ Open cover or doors of compressed air unit. 打開壓縮空氣部分的蓋子或者門
      _ Close compressed air valve cock. 關閉壓縮空氣閥門
      _ Switch the machine off at the main switch once all the pressure gauges read 0.
      0Follow the sequence described above to ensure that the machine is depressurized.
      _ Check the silencer for dirt. If it is discolored, turn the retainer anti-clockwise to release and replace the silencer. 檢查消音器是否臟了,如果臟了,按順時針旋下,并且更換新的消音器
      2279  RV: vacuum values for open nozzles too high 打開吸嘴時真空值太高
      Error in head reference run 旋轉頭運行錯誤
      _ Check nozzle type and replace (see error number 2277)
      1.16  2293 "RV: bottom Z light barrier did not respond at pick-up"
      1.17 2295 " RV: bottom light barrier Z did not respond during placement"
      Cause: Nozzle 原因:吸嘴
      Remedy: Check that nozzle is correctly seated. 1方法:檢查吸嘴安裝是否到位
      Cause: Switching ring of the sleeve is sluggish 原因:槽環動作遲緩
      Remedy: Exchange the sleeve and do not re-use. 1方法:更換槽并且不能再使用
      Cause: Light barrier Z bottom defective 原因:Z軸底部擋光板有缺陷
      Remedy: Exchange light barrier Z bottom 1方法:更換Z軸底部擋光板
      Cause: Extremely high ambient brightness (sun shining in, reflections) 原因:室內亮度過高(光反射)
      Remedy: Ensure customary workplace lighting 方法:保證正常的室內照明
      1.18  2297 "RV: stepping motor for ejection defective" 步進電機故障
      Cause: Valve sleeve sluggish 原因:電子管響應遲緩
      Remedy: Exchange valve sleeve 1方法:更換電子管
      Cause: Valve casing contaminated 原因:電子管防護罩臟了
      Remedy: Clean valve casing 1方法:清潔電子管防護罩
      Cause: Valve actuator defective 原因:電子管驅動器損壞
      Remedy: Exchange valve actuator 1方法:更換電子管驅動器
      Cause: Head board defective 原因:旋轉頭控制卡損壞
      Remedy: Exchange head board 方法:更換旋轉頭控制卡
      1.19   2299 "RV: vacuum cannot be measured" 真空值不穩定
      This error message frequently occurs in combination with other error messages.
      1st step: Check further messages in the error message menu to determine the focal point of the
      errors and initiate relevant measures.
      Cause: Compressed air supply of the gantry is missing原因:懸臂上的壓縮空氣供應不足
      Remedy: Restore compressed air supply 1方法:恢復壓縮空氣的供應
      Cause: Silicone hoses leak, are pulled off or are installed incorrectly
      Remedy: Check silicoe hoses to the vacuum board. 方法:檢查真空控制卡上的硅管1
      Cause: Vacuum measuring board / vacuum generator defective
      Remedy: Exchange vacuum measuring board/exchange vacuum generator.1
      1.20   2301 "RV: forced air cannot be measured" 
      Cause: Silicone hose to distributor board leaking or pulled off
      Remedy: Check silicone hose that runs to the distributor board – exchange if necessary. 1
      Cause: Distributor board defective 原因:控制卡損壞
      Remedy: Exchange distributor board (board in front of the star motor).1方法:更換控制板
      Cause: Solenoid valve defective 原因:電子管損壞
      Remedy: Exchange forced-air unit.1方法:更換壓迫空氣部分
      1.21  2325 "Star can’t be turned due to light barrier Z-top"
      Cause: Light barrier top defective, contaminated 原因:頂部的光柵損壞、被污染
      Remedy: Clean and, if necessary, exchange light barrier. 1方法:清潔,若有需要,更換光柵
      Cause: Components in the Z toothed belt 原因:元件卡在Z軸齒狀皮帶上
      Remedy: Remove the components. 方法:取下元件1
      Cause: Counting error, Z axis 原因:Z軸,記數錯誤
      Remedy: Check the Z-axis motor; exchange if necessary 方法:檢查Z軸馬達,若有需要,進行更換
      Cause: Extremely high ambient brightness (sun shining in, reflections) 原因:室內亮度過高(光反射)
      Remedy: Ensure that customary workplace lighting is being used. 1方法:保證正常的室內照明
      Cause: Intermediate distributor board defective 原因:中間控制部分的卡損壞
      Remedy: Exchange intermediate distributor board. 1方法:更換中間控制卡
      Cause: Head board defective 原因:旋轉頭損壞
      Remedy: Exchange head board. 方法:更換旋轉頭
      1.22  2327 "Star can’t be turned due to pickup/place valve actuator"
      1.23 2328 "Star can’t be turned due to ejection valve actuator"
      Cause: Valve sleeve sluggish 原因:電子管響應遲緩
      Remedy: Exchange valve sleeve. 1方法:更換電子管
      Cause: Valve casing contaminated (e.g., with components) 原因:電子管防護罩被污染
      Remedy: Clean valve casing. 1方法:清潔電子管防護罩
      Cause: Valve actuator not correctly adjusted 原因:電子管驅動部分調整不正確
      Remedy: Check valve actuator with feeler gauge; re-adjust if necessary.
      1.24   2443 Caution: Sleeve in extended position, do not move placement
      Machine error (applies to 80S-20/S-23 HM/F4/F5 machines only)
        RISK OF HEAD CRASH 旋轉頭碰撞的危險警告
      _ Press the emergency stop mushroom-head push-button to prevent the gantry moving and damaging the z axis 迅速按下緊急停止按鈕,防止Z軸上懸臂損壞
      _ The gantry must not be pushed manually 懸臂不能用手推動
      _ Make sure that you feel the sleeve latch in place on the segment 確定槽閥的位置正確
       Click on the 'Stop processing PCB' icon in the main view 點擊停止運行圖標
       Click on the Gantry icon 點擊懸臂圖標
       Click on the 'Vacuum test' icon 點擊真空測試圖標
      _ Click on the 'Measure' button 點擊測試按鈕
      _ Check the measured values for 'Nozzle open' and 'Nozzle closed' 檢查吸嘴開,關的標準值
      _ Exit the menu 退出菜單
       Click on the 'Continue processing' icon 點擊繼續運行圖標
      1.25   2452 "Leak in RV head segment after placement"
      In case of errors on just one segment: 1以下僅僅只針對一個錯誤而言
      Cause: Valve sleeve contaminated or worn 原因:電子管被污染或者破損
      Remedy: Exchange valve sleeve. 1方法:更換電子管
      Cause: Valve casing contaminated or worn 原因:電子管防護罩被污染或者破損
      Remedy: Clean or exchange valve casing. 1方法:清潔或者更換電子管防護罩
      Cause: Distributor leaking  原因:驅動部分泄漏
      Remedy: Check and, if necessary, exchange distributor disk.  方法:檢查并且若有需要更換驅動器
      A number of segments are affected: 1可能是多項原因導致
      Cause: Valve sleeve contaminated or worn 原因:電子管被污染或者破損
      Remedy: Exchange valve sleeve 1方法:更換電子管
      Cause: Valve casing contaminated or worn 原因:電子管防護罩被污染或者破損
      Remedy: Clean or exchange the valve casing 1方法:清潔或者更換電子管防護罩
      Cause: Valve actuators not correctly adjusted  原因:電子管驅動器沒有正確調整
      Remedy: Check valve actuators with feeler gauge and re-adjust if necessary 1
      Cause: Distributor piece/disk contaminated or worn 原因:驅動片/盤被污染或者破損
      Remedy: Clean; check O-rings for damage; exchange if necessary. 1
      Cause: Total vacuum too low or fluctuating 原因:總的真空壓力太低或者不穩定
      Remedy: Clean vacuum system; exchange venturi nozzles; exchange silencer; clean tubes 1
      Cause: Vacuum measuring board defective 原因:真空測量板卡損壞
      Remedy: Exchange vacuum measuring board 1方法:更換真空測量板卡
      Cause: Vacuum generator defective 原因:真空馬達損壞
      Remedy: Exchange vacuum generator 1方法:更換真空馬達
      1.26    2452 RV head: Leak in segment after placement
      Machine error 機器錯誤
      Possible causes 可能導致的原因
      _ Valve plunger defective 電子管活塞損壞
      _ Leak in vacuum hose   真空軟管漏氣
      Replacing the valve plunger 0更換電子管活塞
      _ Move the placement system over the PCB conveyor PCB傳送軌道上移動放置系統
      _ Switch off the star and isolate 切斷并且隔離
      _ Take hold of the valve plunger and pull it out of the valve casing 
      _ Insert clean and greased valve plunger  清潔后在電子管活塞上涂上防護油并將其插入
      2454 Nozzle contaminated or worn out
      Cyclical nozzle test with the component camera on the revolver head
      Machine error 機器錯誤
      The component vision camera signals this error: 通過視覺相機可發現以下錯誤
      _ The nozzle is worn 吸嘴破損
      _ The nozzle has a dust liner 吸嘴上有臟物
      _ There is solder paste on the nozzle 在吸嘴上有焊接殘留物
      _ Replace the nozzle (see error number 2277) 更換吸嘴(參看2277
      1.28   2478 "RV head: air kiss pressure during placement too low"
      Cause: Choke of forced-air unit out of adjustment 原因:在調整時堵塞
      Remedy: Adjust air kiss pressure 1方法:調整空氣壓力
      Cause: Fluctuating forced air values 原因:空氣壓力上下波動
      Remedy: Exchange forced-air unit 1方法:更換壓力空氣部分
      Cause: Hoses leaking 原因:管道漏氣
      Remedy: Exchange hoses and distributor 1方法:更換軟管和驅動部分
      Cause: Air kiss pressure sensor defective 原因:空氣壓力傳感器損壞
      Remedy: Exchange intermediate distributor board 方法:更換中間部分驅動卡
      Error 錯誤
      Nozzle cannot be returned to the nozzle changer. Z axis remains in the bottom position
       RISK OF HEAD CRASH 旋轉頭碰撞的危險警告
      _ First press the emergency stop mushroom-head push-button 首先迅速按下緊急停止按鈕
      _ Then switch off the placement system so that the gantry can not move and thus damage the Z axis
      _ Check that the nozzle is not damaged 檢查上面沒有被損壞的吸嘴
      The defective nozzle configuration of the nozzle changer can be displayed
       From the Main view, click on the 'Stop processing PCB' icon 通過主菜單,點擊緊急停止圖標
       Click on the 'Gantry' icon 點擊懸臂圖標
       Click on the ' Vacuum test' icon 點擊真空測試圖標
      _ Click on the 'Measure' button 點擊測量圖標
      _ Check the measured values for 'Nozzle open' and 'Nozzle closed' 用標準值來檢查吸嘴開,關
      _ Correct the nozzle configuration (see error no. 401) 正確配置吸嘴(參看前章401
      _ Use the SITEST program to calibrate the nozzle changer 依照程序對吸嘴進行校準
      1.29   0059 X axis: does not reach required position 不能到達指定位置
      Cause: Contact error 原因:連接錯誤
      Remedy: Check the plug connections on the motor and the motor boards if necessary tighten plug connections, check contacts and plug them in again. 1
      Cause: Incorrect belt tension or tacho adjustment 原因:皮帶張力或轉速器調整不正確
      Remedy: Set belt tension, adjust tacho 1方法:設置皮帶張力,調整轉速器
      Cause: Temperature indicator shows overheating (> 82°C) 原因:溫度顯示器顯示溫度過高(82°C
      Remedy: Replace X motor. 1方法:更換X軸馬達
      Cause: Brushes burned out 原因:刷子燒壞
      Remedy: Replace X motor. 方法更換X軸馬達
      1.30    0060 Y axis: does not reach required position Y軸不能到達指定位置
      Cause: Contact error 原因:連接錯誤
      Remedy: Check the plug connections on the motor and the motor boards if necessary tighten plug connections, check contacts and plug them in again. 1
      Cause: Incorrect belt tension or tacho adjustment 原因:皮帶張力或轉速器調整不正確
      Remedy: Set belt tension, adjust tacho 1方法:設置皮帶張力,調整轉速器
      Cause: Temperature indicator shows overheating (> 82°C) 原因:溫度顯示器顯示溫度過高(82°C
      Remedy: Replace Y motor. 1方法:更換Y軸馬達
      Cause: Brushes burned out 原因:刷子燒壞
      Remedy: Replace Y motor. 1方法更換Y軸馬達
      Cause: Bearing damage 原因:軸承損壞
      Remedy: Replace Y motor. 1方法更換Y軸馬達
      原因:取料位置沒有元件,元件不佳/ 吸杯磨損/ 開口堵塞或吸嘴太小
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